artists Vojislav Radovanović
place _Neurčené město
tags art history feminism gender painting queer
category Audio-visual Art
published 7. 5. 2010
language Česky / English
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Colour Scene from the beach, at the first look can be connected with famous Manet’s painting “Dejeuner sur l’herbe”, but what makes this version of the famous composition provocative is inversed gender relation. Projecting this video in the public space would pick voyeuristic attitude on unexpected consummating territories. This time gaze isn’t faced to female body, instead, it is inversed to the male body. Contextualizing of this kind of complete change could be queered.

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What can be done for everyone to have his or her own place where they can express freely what they feel, experience and wish? It might sound as fiction now or as a picture from a Utopian cultural civilization. However, we may say that such an exhibition institution both does and does not exist.