Mark Ther

artists Mark Ther
curators David Kořínek
place Czech Republic
tags English CC violence queer
directing Petr Hátle
cast Mark Ther
camera Petr Hátle
sound Petr Hátle
editing Petr Hátle
translation Eva Maršíková
category Profiles
published 21. 8. 2011
language Česky / English
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I regard Mark Ther’s work as classic and extraordinary. Moreover he’s probably our only student artist. Or at least he would like to be. In my selection he is the star. A lot of things were said about him and it would be better if the things we don’t know won’t be completely revealed and will become a part of a myth.

Key to the selection are different approaches of the artists to the the video medium. For Petr Krátký is video a contemporary fulfillment of his conceptual attitude, Mark Ther is familiar with a film language, and Macula uses video as a design strategy.

David Kořínek (curator of the August issue profiles)



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Mark Ther


Bossing images. Subverting normalcy through queer cultural politics

Poetic of Identities

In the poetics of identities, it is important to return to a certain point of zero, which is also a breaking point. My self is breaking through certain limitations and constantly fighting against itself. It is always in the process of becoming, and this process is always accompanied by a certain disjointedness. I am nobody and at the same time I am everybody. I belong to the anywheres, to those who are at home everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I don’t know if that is a reason to be sad.


The structure of the Tamagotchi video is based on the alternation of simple animations and texts. The animations remind us of early video games or simple computer games. For the texts he used the Chicago typeface which was designed for Apple Computer and was used between 1984 and 1997 in the operating system user interface. Unlike the main stream of Czech video making in the mid- 1990s, mostly based on performative elements or artistic unusualness, Mašín´s approach is radically different not only in terms of aesthetics but also conception.

The Drone and Urban Space

The drone integrates functions of a vehicle intended for destruction, razing urban communities and assassinating from the air, with those of a reconnaissance and artifactual tool which has resurrected interest in contaminated and exclusion zones inaccessible or dangerous for human intervention. Furthermore, it has exhibited its potential as a habitat builder, and proved its capabilities for land and real estate surveying, gathering data and visuals that are amenable for market-end purposes.