Road to Qatar

The transformation of football as such has been continuously running since its inception in Britain in the second half of the 19th century. What started as a community activity associated with locality, corporeality and grass very quickly acquired a parallel of the commodity branch, which has gained worldwide importance due to its distribution through the media image.

Pro(s)thetic Dialogues

Pro(s)thetic dialogues is more like a recording of a theatre performance playing out on a computer desktop. Here the human operator creates the conditions for exploring the performativity of a philosophical zombie pieced together from neural networks.


Life on Earth has gone through some four billion years of evolution and has always already been together, intertwined with a network of intimate relationships. We all share a common ancestor, we all need the same compounds to live, and our structure is made with the same building blocks, we all share common understanding of “substance semiotics”.

Pišvejc - Framed

Whereas Marina Abramović will continue to benefit from her position of a stock market player who invested well her hard earned capital into a lucrative mega-corporation called Art World, Václav Pišvejc, on the contrary, will, in his fight for acknowledgement, forever remain mainly a Sisyphus-like figure and a question mark hovering above normality and normalization of contemporary culture.

The Art of Anthropocene

It's obvious that the issue of the environment and ecology in art is increasingly becoming a consciously political decision that affects what art we create, how we teach it, how we talk about it, or how we present it. Artwork is intertwined with cultural activity, which is linked to activism and vice versa. The context, material used and financial resources are increasingly accentuated.

Privatization Artist Petr Pudil - revised edition

They are often presented as condescending patrons of arts, who have decided to put aside a couple of their millions and contribute to public welfare and the promotion of exquisite culture. However, their seemingly good intentions should be seen with view to the context of the troubled political and economic past of our (and not only our) country. We should know how they acquired their property and what social or ecological damage they caused while amassing their fortune.

Game Fiction Work

“I’m surprised how playful people are” my mom said when she saw a neighbor selling agricultural machines, horses, and eventually the entire farm just to be able to spend the whole day at the slot machine. Such “playfulness” is gradually emerging today in almost every area of ​​education, work and leisure. For this tendency, the term gamification, which is predominantly designed from the perspective of service marketing, has come to life. The game is defined, among other things, as “the role of a voluntary control system in which opposing forces are restricted by procedures and rules to produce an imbalance.”