Coming Out?

artists Kristián Németh
place SODA gallery
tags photography queer
cast Kristián Neméth
camera Peter Barényi
sound Peter Barényi
editing Peter Barényi
interview Peter Barényi
translation Zuzana Frantíková, Martin Rozbroj
published 16. 9. 2010
language Česky / English
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Kristián Németh’s exhibition, aptly named ‘Coming Out?’, both reflects the fact that his work deals with his sexuality, while also signifying that this is his first solo show on the art scene. His approach is deeply personal and he often places himself within the work. 

One such work features his confession at a Catholic Church, whilst another depicts two men rubbing their bearded faces together. He also touches upon the controversial topic of gay Nazism, singling out Ernsta Röhm co-founder and leader of the paramilitary SA, known for his homosexuality.

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