artists Eva Jiřička
place _Neurčené město
tags identity mythology queer romantism
category Audio-visual Art
published 21. 7. 2009
language Česky / English
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Eva Jiřičková´s Fairytale (2005) about olden times.

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Research in the film archive has brought to light videos that critically examine the categories of national identity and gaps in the national memory. Through the artistic deconstruction of national symbols, sites of memory, and stereotypes, it is possible to expose the nationalisms and racisms that spring from these gaps, and these films thus contribute to filling them in.

The New Dictionary of Old Ideas

Symposium wants to reflect the current cultural and political situation characterized by the rise of nationalistic politics, populism, Euro-scepticism and anti-immigration attitudes in Central Europe from the perspective of contemporary art and theory. This tendency can be observed not just locally but in the whole of Europe. We will foster an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas discussed in a group of art historians, sociologists, philosophers, and art theoreticians.

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“I’m surprised how playful people are” my mom said when she saw a neighbor selling agricultural machines, horses, and eventually the entire farm just to be able to spend the whole day at the slot machine. Such “playfulness” is gradually emerging today in almost every area of ​​education, work and leisure. For this tendency, the term gamification, which is predominantly designed from the perspective of service marketing, has come to life. The game is defined, among other things, as “the role of a voluntary control system in which opposing forces are restricted by procedures and rules to produce an imbalance.”