Open Source Estrogen!

artists Mary Maggic
institution AVU in Prague
tags queer sexualita English friendly gender tělo performance
cast Mary Maggic
camera Denisa Langrová
sound Denisa Langrová
editing Denisa Langrová
category Lectures
published 25. 2. 2022
duration 01:36:42
language Česky / English
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How do bodies queer at the molecular level? How is this queering inextricably tied to industrial capitalism? And is there a way out of capitalist ruins, one that has been further exacerbated by the pandemic?

Combining body and gender politics and environmental toxicity, this workshop centers on the concept of “open source estrogen,” the underlying premise that hormonal molecules are ubiquitously all around us, and available for us to hack, mutate, and become-with. Through this process of socio-political excavation, we can begin to “emancipate the hormone molecule,” unboxing its molecular mystique. The 2-day event will begin with a talk on hormonal research embedded with short screenings, and finish with a hands-on urine hormone extraction protocol and a collective cooking performance with xenohormone ingredients.

Mary Maggic (b. Los Angeles, 1991) is a non-binary artist working at the intersection of cultural discourse, body and gender politics and ecological alienations. Using biohacking and public amateurism as a critical practice of care, Maggic investigates the micro-performativity of hormones and works collaboratively to demystify their molecular colonization. Purity is not an option!

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